Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Services

Ground penetrating radar (GPR) is a well-established technique for subsurface exploration that uses radar pulses and electromagnetic energy to find commonly embedded objects in concrete and underground utilities.

F3 & Associates is the leading provider of ground penetrating radar (GPR) services to support concrete inspection needs and utility locating for municipalities, construction companies and engineering firms.

Concrete Scanning Using GPR

Concrete scanning applications in search of common embedded objects and subsurface hazards include:

  • Determine pavement layer thickness
  • Locating rebar
  • Locating post-tension anchors and cables
  • Locating gas and sanitary lines
  • Locating gas and electrical services
  • Locating pipes and conduit
  • Locating air pockets and voids hidden below concrete or asphalt
  • Locating storage tanks

In addition to layer thickness, the data collected is used to analyze and measure the appropriate remedial solutions for concrete structural deficiencies and building remodels to avoid risk during cutting, coring or drilling.

Underground Utility Locating and Pipe Locating Using GPR

Utility detection and mapping applications include:

  • Locating electrical lines conduit and cables
  • Locating telecommunication and fiber optics lines
  • Locating gas, oil, steam and petroleum pipes
  • Locating sewers and storm drains
  • Locating drinking water, reclaimed water and irrigation pipes

The data collected is used to prevent damage to utilities and the surrounding environment as well as protecting workers, and public safety.

The Benefits of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

The F3 GPR process used to map subsurface conditions and locate buried utilities and other underground obstacles has a wide variety of benefits, including:

  • Non-destructive examinations of assets, structures and surfaces
  • Accurate detection and location of subsurface objects including depth
  • Risk reduction and project safety
  • Integrating GPR and laser scanning data creates a single referenced 3D model that links above and below ground assets.

Why Work with F3 & Associates on Your Next GPR Project

  • Our staff has more than 14 years of experience, and has conducted and managed 1000s of subsurface surveys.
  • Proactive concern for employee/client health and safety with an Experience Modification Rate below 1.0.
  • Responsive service, often available to clients within 24 hours.